10 Myths About Vegans

As I’ve been living veg for 15 years now, I’ve encountered many assumptions about veganism.  So I’ll be your vegan ambassador and dispel some pervasive myths out there.

1. MYTH: Vegans don’t get enough calcium.
When people think of calcium, they automatically think of dairy.  However, many other foods, such as broccoli, kale, soy, are a fantastic source of calcium.  Dr. Christiane Northup recently wrote an article on Huffington Post regarding the myth of dietary calcium.  In it, she discusses how doctors used to think that the abundance of calcium our diets was a necessity to preventing osteoporosis.  However, new studies have shown that increased calcium does not decrease the risk of bone fractures.  Also, many cultures around the globe do not consume dairy products and have far less incidents of fractures than Europe and the U.S.  So what does reduce fractures??  A less acidic diet (meat, dairy products, carbs).  So what diet is recommended?? You guessed it…a vegan diet!  Northup says going vegan even one day a week can help.

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