EXCLUSIVE: ‘Veganism Is Normal Now’ Says Grime Artist JME

Grime artist JME has described veganism as ‘normal’ in an interview with Plant Based News.

PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell asked the star whether there were any specific moments that had given him hope about the vegan movement.

JME said: “One thing that stands out to me is that veganism is normal.  When I went vegan, it was…a thing. Now, veganism is just normal. It’s easier to exist…which is good. It was scary when it was a thing.”

Vegan is changing

He added: “It used to attract people who were skilled in one area. For example, a sick chef would go vegan. Someone who’s really into bodybuilding and weightlifting would go vegan.

“People who pay attention to one thing, and they’re really in tune with that and they go vegan, and use veganism to aid whatever they’re doing in their lives…the normal everyday person wasn’t vegan, in my opinion.

“Now you can be the ‘normal’ person and still be vegan…even though I don’t like being quote-on-quote vegan I am still trying to push the VGang.”

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