Martha Stewart Blog: 5 Things You Should Know About Cooking Vegan

It’s becoming more mainstream but vegan cooking can still seem mysterious. Here, 5 things you should know about a plant-based diet:

With everyone from Beyoncé to Al Gore dabbling in veganism, there’s no denying that the plant-based lifestyle is taking hold in a very big way. And there are many benefits to embracing the meat-free, dairy-free lifestyle. While militant, veggie-wielding purists may come to mind the minute you consider cooking vegan, it’s actually far more accessible and delicious than you might think. Plus you don’t have to go vegan all the time to feel the benefits. Here, 5 things you didn’t know, and will appreciate, about cooking vegan.

1. It’s much easier than you think

As vegan cooking grows in familiarity, and grocery stores are embracing the cuisine. Whether you frequent farmer’s markets or chain supermarkets, the range of fruits, vegetables, and vegan ingredients to experiment with is ever-expanding. Honing in on different produce varieties and experimenting with cooking techniques is an enjoyable and exciting part of vegan cooking. From super-flavorful soups, through hearty stew and savory tart to brightly-hued fruit salads, and decadent chocolate desserts, there are plenty of ways to adhere to vegan guidelines with very little effort. Tofu, a naturally vegan ingredient, is a great way of replacing meat and dairy, and is sold widely.


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