So You Claim That You Are Vegan But You Still Use This 20 Products!

As the shocking practices of factory farms are brought to light, people are becoming more conscious of the treatment of animals. Although many may never live a vegan lifestyle, they are more likely to cut back on meat consumption or shop for organic products. However, avoiding the horrors of big business farming reaches way beyond the pantry. The number of non-edible items that contain animal products is mind-blowing. While manufacturers in some industries have become more responsive, there are several others that haven’t. Here are 20 everyday items that you would never imagine containing animal-derived ingredients:

1. Plastic Bags

Yet another reason to hate plastic bags, they contain animal fat. During the process of making plastic bags, and immediately after, slip agents are used to provide surface lubrication. Although the additive is compounded into the plastic as an internal lubricant, it gradually migrates to the surface. If climate change didn’t motivate you, perhaps the thought of carrying your fruits and veggies in an animal fat sack will persuade you take re-usable bags to the grocery store or farmer’s market.

2. Plywood

The process for making soft plywood involves combining blood glue, a slaughterhouse byproduct, with soybean protein. This type of wood is used to make several products, such as the desk, chair or table you may be seated at this moment.

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