The 8 Best Vegan Documentaries to Inspire You

Looking for the best and most educational vegan flicks out there? Look no further. We dug deep to compile this massive list of the best vegan documentaries and short films we could find.

The topics covered range from health, over environment, to animal advocacy. Some films, of course, deal with several of these.

We’ll start out with the very best stuff out there, continue with some documentaries that have one or two flaws but are still worth watching and finish with a couple of bonus free-to-watch speeches on youtube that will rock your socks.

We briefly discuss what each documentary is about, what you can learn from it, where you can watch it along with some other info (like if the film contains graphic footage) and the official trailer. In the few cases that the full documentary was available on Youtube, we simply embedded the whole thing here.

1.What the Health (2017)​

What it’s about

Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn are at it again. After their debut with Cowspiracy, this time around, their focus is on human health – or rather the detrimental effects of animal foods and how they could be prevented.

We’re joining Kip as he speaks to several medical doctors and researchers about the growing body of evidence on the health dangers of animal foods and how they contribute to our leading causes of death. Baffled by the fact that leading health organizations seem to be remaining quiet about this – or even presenting dangerous advice – Kip is determined to get to the bottom of things.

We follow him as he tackles several major health organizations such as the American Heart Association or the American Diabetes Association, just to find the depressing truth of conflicting interests and massive corporate influence on the nation’s health.

Why you should watch it

Just like its predecessor Cowspiracy, What the Health is an incredibly eye-opening documentary that’s fact-dense yet fun to watch due to the investigative style and Kip’s intrepid nature.

It presents some of the latest nutritional science and uncovers the ways in which big pharmaceutical and food businesses try to suppress the truth.

The film ends on an inspirational note as it shows people who have turned their lives around and now thrive on an entirely plant-based diet.


Running length: 1h 37min

Director: Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn

Release year: 2017

Graphic Footage:​ None

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